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DMγSpec provides γ-spectra for wino and Higgsino dark matter annihilation. The results include NLL' (NLL + NLO) Sudakov resummation at the endpoint merged with the electroweak parton shower PPPC4DM to create a spectrum for all possible photon energies. In addition, the code also includes the Sommerfeld effect up to NLO.

Details on the spectra and the code can be found in
  • M. Beneke, K.Urban, and M. Vollmann
    Matching resummed endpoint and continuum γ-ray spectra from dark matter annihilation
    arXiv:2203.01692 [hep-ph]
and the documentation. Please cite the above, and PPPC4DM if DMγSpec is used for published work. If the wino spectra with the NLO potentials are used, please cite in addition and if you use the Higgsino spectra with the NLO potentials instead.

DMγSpec is written in Python. For details on the functionality and how to load the package, see the documentation and the provided example Jupyter notebook file.

For questions, comments, and bug reports write to


DMγSpec is maintained through its HepForge repository. The current version can be obtained from here and the documentation can be found here.

Required Software

The following Python packages are used by DMγSpec and are required in addition to a Python 3 installation (see the documentation for more details):


If the example Jupyter notebook file is to be used, in addition the following packages are required:



DMγSpec is free software distributed under the GNU GPLv3 license.